Patent Press Greeting Cards Fixture Program

Patent Press Greeting Cards does not directly sell fixtures; instead we have sourced what we believe to be the best, most reasonably priced, wire spinner racks through Marvolus Custom Displays.  When you purchase a spinner rack from Marvolus, and greeting cards from Patent Press, we will off-set the cost of the spinner rack – see the chart below for details:

Spinner Type

Cards Purchased

Off-Set Free Cards

Links to Marvolus


*12 Dozen*

1 dozen

Click here


24 1/2-Dozen

1.5 dozen

Click here


48 1/2-Dozen

2 dozen

Click here


72 1/2-Dozen

2.5 dozen

Click here

Simply follow these directions:

1. Purchase the wire spinner of your choice from the links above.

2. Before checking out on our website, click on the text link in the cart that says: "Add a note to your order" on the left side of your cart and write in the designs you would like off-set, either by name or SKU.

3. Click here to send us an email. Remember to attach your receipt from Marvolus before sending!

If you placed your order with us first, simply click here or skip to the same step 3 as above, but this time also include the cards you would like to receive as off-set in the email.

Once we have received your Marvolus receipt we will ship your off-set cards, free of charge.